The intense research and experimentation activity that characterizes the highly technical and aesthetic elements of the collection Pietre Native finds a new expressive form with the series called Amazzonia. Obtained with the most advanced technology applied to the fully glazed porcelain stoneware, these materials reinterpret the geological and morphological constitution of the natural stones to which they make reference, replicating the same characteristics of the lithic materials present in nature, but with particular chromaticities and tonal variations which give the ceramic product new expressive abilities.
The conformation is that of stone, while the colours are specifically created. High technical and functional performance, combined with extensive compositing capabilities, make Amazonia an ideal solution for floors and coatings, for both indoor and outdoor environments for all application areas: from residential construction to modern public architecture, until urban furnishings and restoration works.

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  • Amazzonia Dragon black 
  • Amazzonia Dragon green 
  • Amazzonia Dragon grey 
  • Amazzonia Dragon white 
  • Amazzonia Dragon chocolate 
  • Amazzonia Dragon brown 
  • Amazzonia Eldorado
  • Amazzonia Dragon beige 


(matt + grip )

  • 30x30
  • 45x45
  • 30x60
  • 60x60
  • 45x90


  • MM 9,4 - 10,5