The shades, the veins, the see-throgh effects, the textures, the polish and the precious colours of quarried marble. The performance of the latest-generation stoneware. Obtained through sophisticated manufacturing processes and advanced research into the technological, chromatic and decorative aspects of the product, this ceramic material possesses a high technical performance and a unique appearance.

The product is available in the following varieties: Arabesque, Bardiglio bianco, Bianco Vietnam, Breccia argento, Breccia sarda, Crema select, Asiago, Bardiglio imperiale, Birimbau, Breccia carsica, Canova, Fiorito, Giallo striato, Grigio billiemi, Nero creta, Pulpis tortora, Saint Laurent, Statuario grigio, Grafite marrone, Jolie, Olimpo, Rosato, Silvia oro, Statuario oro, Travertino bianco, Travertino moka, Travertino romano, Travertino titanium, Veselye, Travertino miele, Travertino noce, Travertino Santa Caterina, Verde aver, Zebrino.

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  • Marmoker Arabesque
  • Marmoker Bardiglio bianco
  • Marmoker Bianco Vietnam 
  • Marmoker Breccia Argento
  • Marmoker Breccia Sarda 
  • Marmoker Crema Select 
  • Marmoker Asiago
  • Marmoker Bardiglio imperiale
  • Marmoker Birimbau
  • Marmoker Breccia Carsica 
  • Marmoker Canova 
  • Marmoker Fiorito 
  • Marmoker Giallo striato
  • Marmoker Grigio Billiemi 
  • Marmoker Nero Creta 
  • Marmoker Pulpis Tortora 
  • Marmoker Saint Laurent 
  • Marmoker Statuario grigio 
  • Marmoker Grafite marrone 
  • Marmoker Jolie 
  • Marmoker Olimpo
  • Marmoker Rosato
  • Marmoker Silvia Oro 
  • Marmoker Statuario oro
  • Marmoker Travertino bianco 
  • Marmoker Travertino moka
  • Marmoker Travertino romanno
  • Marmoker Travertino titanium
  • Marmoker Veselye 
  • Marmoker Travertino miele 
  • Marmoker Travertino noce 
  • Marmoker Travertino Santa Caterina 
  • Marmoker Verde aver 
  • Marmoker Zebrino


(matt + lucida)

  • 9,8x59
  • 29,5x59
  • 59x59
  • 29,5x118
  • 59x118


  • MM 10

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