Colored in the mass with the same shades of the surface, this glazed porcelain stoneware is characterized by the particular metallic processing of the finishing layer, which recalls the brilliance, the materiality and the chromtisms of the reference metals: stainless steel, copper, nickel, iron. A modern decorative effect that is highly oriented to the design of contemporary living spaces, where the combination of the material surface and themetallic brilliance of the finishings offers unexplored tactile and visual perceptions, qualifying this porcelain stoneware as an advanced industrial product,extremely versatile and flexible to the needs of contemporary architecture.

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  • Metallica Ferro 
  • Metallica Inox
  • Metallica Rame
  • Metallica Zinco-Titanio 


(matt + lappata)

  • 30x60
  • 60x60


  • MM 10,5