Grey vein semi polished marble

Semi-polished surface

EDO 1000 270x120

The slabs are transported in crate with dimensions P: 132 x L: 283 x A:39. A crate can hold up to 20 slabs.

Semi-polished surface: The polishing is a ceramic lapping process performed with the finest abrasive grain, aimed at removing the smallest imperfections. The final appearance of the surface is reflective, almost mirror-like.

Ceramics of Italy Made in Italy Green Building Council CE

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Suitable areasLiving Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, commercial, shops, restaurants, offices
Thickness6 mm
QualityFirst choice - Made in Italy
m²/Crates pallet64,8
kg/Crates pallet1040

Special formats

Gradino fiorentino

Gradino fiorentino

Special piece in porcelain stoneware, suitable for the realisation of both internal and external stairs.
Costa retta

Costa retta

Entirely obtained from the corresponding tile, thus eliminating differences in tone and caliber, it is suitable for the realisation of both internal and external stairs.
L element

L element

Coordinated with the floor, it can be used for balconies, sidewalks, edges of both internal and external floors.

65,00 € /m² (tax excl.)

130,00 €/m²

79,30 € /m² (tax incl.) If you buy as a company you will not pay taxes

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Grey vein semi polished marble

Semi-polished surface

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