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Discover our wide range of wall effect tiles designed by the most important italian tile manufacturers. Here you can find the best in class wall tiles; choose your preferred wall effect tiles for outdoor or indoor purposes and also the style you prefer, either contemporary or vintage.

Hexagonal tiles

The hexagonal tiles have a traditional taste, they constitute a reinterpretation of the famous “cementines” that appeared at the beginnning of the 20th century, with their liberty/deco style. Modern hexagons are made of porcelain stoneware and can vary for what concerns the dimension, besides assuming colours and optical geometries that can be particularly satisfying from the aesthetical point of view.

Being suitable for any environment, both for floors and walls, hexagons are one of the latest tendencies concerning the world of ceramics; available both in a modern and in a more classical style, in the next years they are going to play a central role in the ceramic panorama.

More and more often people use hexagonal tiles in order to enrich the surfaces and to contrast the minimalism typical of the big-size modern tiles; these hexagonal tiles, besides marking the different areas within the open space environments, function as visual delimiters.

A typical use they serve is the one of dividing the living room from the kitchen, pulling hexagonal and traditional tiles together in an irregular way, so creating a contrast between classical and modern, which confers personality and a peculiar optical impact to the environment.

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We want to put our experience at your service and we are here to help you choosing the best application for your home and offices. Be inspired by our ideas for the kitchen, the bathroom and the outdoor applications. Tiles play a key role in furnishing the rooms in which we live every day, the quality of the true Italian ceramic is characterized by cutting-edge design, from materials R&D and detail-orientation. Discover our products and offerings by browsing the catalog, do not miss the second choice and the affairs of the moment.

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