ItalianGres Business Reward

Welcome to the loyalty program dedicated to all companies and operators in the construction sector such as real estate companies, architects, retailers or craftsmen. If you are part of this and continuously manage projects that you need the supply of ceramic material, you will have our best support and way to speed up the management of your projects.

How it works

Business customers are immediately assigned a single contact person with whom you can discuss, ask for ad hoc quotes and reserve the material.

It is possible to make direct purchases or more simply to report a project that requires material, in the first case you will get an economic advantage directly upon purchase, in the second case and following the report, we will take care of everything by contacting the end customer directly and completing the supply for which you will receive an economic reward.

All conditions and objectives will be communicated during the approval phase of the program and may vary over time based on the volumes developed.

The advantages

At any time and for any quantity it is possible to access:

  • Dedicated discounts / sales commission
  • Discounted shipping costs
  • Consultant dedicated to you
  • Returns and replacements at no cost

How to start

Write an email to [email protected] or contact our customer service at +39 351 57 90007, indicate your company details and ask to access the Business Reward program.
Your application will be examined, if you meet all the requirements you will receive a welcome letter specifying all the conditions governing the collaboration.

We are waiting for you.
The ItalianGres team


How can I make money with this program?
If you buy directly you will have a discount proportionate to the volume you are able to generate annually. If you act as a reporter you will receive a commission that you can use for new purchases or collect at the end of the year.

How can I report a supply?
Recommend our website to your contacts, you can claim your sales at any time just indicating us the order connected with you.

How are the shipping costs calculated?
The shipping service will be offered to you at the minimum cost (equal to or lower than the effective cost) obtained thanks to our distribution network.

What are the discount percentages? How much are the commissions worth?
The discount percentages depend according to the volumes developed annually, contact our customer service to know all the details.

First choice only

First choice only

We only offer first choice products, attention to detail and quality research are our values.

Insured shipping

Insured shipping

Our goods travel insured, we promptly replace any damage.

Returns and free cancellations

Returns and free cancellations

Buy in peace of mind, if the goods have not yet been shipped, you can cancel your order for free.

360 Degree support

360 Degree support

Our experience is at your service, we are at your disposal 7 days a week. Contact us by phone or email.